Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simple Comprehension

As a follow up to my last post:

My wife and I were discussing the kindergarten Curriculum Night we attended yesterday evening. My son had told her about some of the books they were reading and other activities they are doing. He came into the room and climbed on my lap.

"Do you like kindergarten?" I asked.

"Uh-huh," he said, in a very nonchalant tone.

"Do you know what I just asked you?" I asked.


Apparently not.


Scott said...

Was Sponge Bob on when you asked the question? You may as well try to a brick wall if it's on with one of my kids.

beth said...


And you know, it won't get better. Today in class, I told my fifteen and sixteen year old students that they were having a test tomorrow.

"What?!" said one girl.

"I have had it written on the side board all week!" I said.

"What side board?"

The entire class points to the wall to the girls left, where, in foot-long tall letters, I've written "Test Friday".

*shakes head* They just live in their own little worlds!

Scott said...


L. T. Host said...

Pretty much in a nutshell what you told me yesterday.

I am so screwed when I have kids.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I hate to say this and scare the bejeebers out of everyone, but I think this happens on the other end of life, as well. Many old folks seem to have the same kind of attention span--totally absorbed in one thing at a time, only. So if you say something and their mind is on something else, it goes nowhere at all. On the plus side, that can be interpreted as really being "in the moment." But it's a moment that may not include you.

Davin Malasarn said...

When my nephew does this I give him a bear hug and wrestle with him. That often--but not always--gets his attention.

LeSan said...

Oh hell, I had that same moment at Starbucks the other day when the kid asked me if I wanted a hot or cold latte'. I answered "yeah."

Laurel said...

This is not restricted to juveniles. That boy I married does the same thing all the time. He insists that I do, too. He's probably right, I'm a certified flake.

My firstborn just started here in our new burg and his assignment was for me to read a book to him. (They send home the book and I initial next to the title when we have read it.) He read it to me. He has also already checked off nearly all the classroom milestones next to his newly added name on the chart. He started yesterday.

I am doomed.

Anita said...

Yeah, sometimes I talk to my 8th grader for 10 minutes and get, "Huh?" at the end.

Kristi said...

My son just started Kindergarten a few weeks back and we have conversations like that on a daily basis. Our last one went like this:

Me: Did you have library day today?


Me: What book did you get?

What book?

Me: The one from the library.


Me: Never mind.

Everyday I'm reminded of "Who's on first?"

Rick Daley said...

Scott- No, I was in my home office and he climbed onto my lap. I thought I had his attention but I think he was just wanting to spin on my chair.

beth- I believe the cliche to express this is "hiding in plain sight."

Scott- What else?

LT- you're screwed, and then you have kids. That's the natural way ;-) Sorry, had to go there. I'm awful at self-censorship.

Tricia- You can change your handle to Harbinger of Sorrow any time now!

Davin- Getting the attention is one thing, but how do you keep it?

LeSan- either way that'll be $7.85 plus tax.

Laurel- What kind of flake, Corn or Frosted?

Anita- You can probably save time by stopping at two minutes and getting the same result.

Kristi- Your comment made me laugh the hardest, thanks! Check out this old post for more "Who's on first" style dialogue.

Martha W said...

I went back and read the other post, Rick.

I was laughing/snorting (not a good combo with coffee) and wiping the tears from my eyes and noticed BOTH of my kids staring at me like I grew two heads!

Thanks! :)

Lady Glamis said...

HAH! I love it.

Laurel said...


I'm sorry. Did you ask me a question? What were we talking about?

Rick Daley said...

Laurel- I think you've got it.

Angie Daley said...

He did say to me last night though
I can't believe Ellen's going to be a judge on American Idol. That was something they were talking about on TV early in the morning. Didn't know he was really even listening or even cared.

Rich said...

Trica is correct! Old people return to an attention span like they had when they were a kid.

I made the mistake of asking Di what we were doing Thursday evening. She says she told me we were leaving at 5:00 PM and going to the Pfeils for a pre-wedding shower party. And I might add her comments were bit bitchy, like what is wrong with you, can't bleeping hear?

So if her birthday year is before mine is she not old too? Could it be that she told this to someone else? Prehaps a daughter coming from Atlanta or in idle "womens talk" to a friend?

Well believe me there is nothing wrong with my hearing! No, I won't spend $4000 @ ear so I can dial down the volume on the TV!

On occasion I delete good mail thinking it was junk mail. I stand on the "I done nothing wrong" priciple. If the subject isn't clear it is quickly trashed!

If the author doesn't get me hooked in the first chapter, I find another book to read!

Rick, When you sat on my lap at age 10, I tried to get your eyes into the game. If you were looking elaswhere I knew my comments would not get through to you.

Focus is a two way street. If you tend to rant on and on, you can bet a 10 yr old or a 70 yr old will miss the most of what you you say.

Luv, ya!

PS: Sorry I ranted on, and on!! Did you read the whold thing of skip to the end?

Rick Daley said...

I read to the end!

Laurel said...


You made me laugh out loud!!

I, however, will spend the $4K on the hearing aids. I hate missing what is going on around me. I'd rather have the choice to ignore crap I don't care about than miss something I do.

I fully intend to turn them down when the situation warrants. Or just pretend I didn't hear it, anyway. One big benefit of losing your hearing: No one really knows for sure if you heard what they said ;)

Crimogenic said...

Fantastic! You're okay unless he pulls one of those Penguins of Madagascar numbers 'just smile and wave' :)

Laura Martone said...

That settles it. No kids for me, thanks. I'm happy with my cat - and with laughing at all of these ongoing sagas...

Rick Daley said...

Crimey- welcome back to the blogosphere, see what you've been missing?

Laura- that's cool, you can parent vicariously through me.

Teri said...

Aren't kids great?

Rick Daley said...

Teri- They keep it real, that's for sure.