Thursday, November 24, 2011

Things I am Thankful For

Here are some things that I am thankful for:

1. Sarcasm.  No, seriously, I love sarcasm.  I mean it.  I am NOT being sarcastic right now.  It'd probably the first time in months, but I swear I'm not.  You know what?  This really isn't working.  I better just get started on my turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Sharon said...

Wise decision.....get that Turkey in the oven!! Happy Thanksgiving!

julie fedderson said...

Holidays and sarcasm are made for each other, like mashed potatoes and gravy. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Donna Hole said...

Happy Thanksgiving Rick :)


Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Good choice. Besides, if you start the sarcasm early on Thanksgiving, that just means you have to start the drinking sooner. ;)

Laurie Carlson said...

"I" believe you!!
Laurie Carlson
laurieisreading at gmail dot com
I found you through the Gratitude Giveaway Hop from the blog, where she is giving away 2 of your books, "The Man in the Cinder Clouds". What an amazing story!! I HAD to go to Amazon and BUY the Kindle version! This way if I win, I will get an autographed book from you and I can bring it out year after year during the holidays, or anytime I need that 'special holiday feeling' that is SO magical!
I LOVED your interview!
Your other books sound TERRIFIC! I've read a little of this book, and is the boys Dad, Professor Hodgin based on the Scientist from the TV show Bones? Just curious!
I TRULY LOVE this story already!
I want to tell you that I read the Publisher wants book 2 already of your other series?
There is a NEW and AWESOME website that is just kicking off for INDIE authors. I don't know if you have a Publisher if you can join, but it is best to ask just in case they WOULD take you on! It sounds like YOU are having to do most of your own advertising work? Why aren't THEY helping you more? Good question, huh?
The website is a site by an author who I have become good friends with. Her name is Melissa Foster. She's a GEM! She is an award winning Indie Author of 3 books now. She runs a site called
What I would do is write to her! Ask if YOU can join them. They are a BUNCH of authors who are supporting each other, along with Bloggers, who are doing Blog Hops, Tweets, and on Dec 24th-31st, they are doing a Celebrate the Year of the Indie. It's worth asking! Melissa is AMAZING!!!!
She just wrote her new release, "Come Back to Me". KILLER of a book!!! She has won MANY awards on her novel, "Megan's Way", including The Reader's Favorite!!
Melissa is SO supportive, it is unbelievable!! If you joined them, it would help you TREMENDOUSLY!!! You would have MORE time to devote to your writing! The cost is VERY affordable! ONLY $25 to participate in a Blog Hop (I think, or is that for the Twitter support? I'm not an author, so I am not quite sure exactly on the money and for what??? Sorry, but I KNOW it is VERY affordable!!! She's been there, SHE KNOWS!!!)
I just wanted to tell you about this website! It is brand new, give or take about 4 months now! Melissa is SUCH a go-getter! She answers ANY questions you have RIGHT AWAY! She is ALWAYS there to support you. Us Bloggers LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!! I have done reviews on ALL 3 of her books!
You can best be assured I WILL post a review of YOUR book on MY Blog, Amazon and Goodreads!! So far, it ROCKS!!!
Thanks for writing what could very well become a classic!!
Someone DID mention they would LOVE to see this as a movie! I AGREE!!! Wouldn't it be GREAT!!! (Oh yeah, Melissa's book, Megan's Way, IS being made into a movie!!!)
YOUR book would turn into an AWESOME movie!!! I hope as a nice classic, and not one of those goofy Xmas movies. It would take the right Producer! I am thinking of the Xmas movie like the one Tom Hanks is in with the train??? I can't remember right now the name???? Tooooo much Turkey to think of right now!! LOL!!!)
Anyway, I hope that could have been some help!
I am going to check out the rest of your blog!
Thanks for writing & for doing an Author Interview on the above blog I listed! I LOVED it! If she hadn't have done an interview with you, I 'might' have passed the book over. What 'caught me' was your personality in the interview! I was HOOKED with how YOU described the book, the storyline, and HOW you write! Amazing! I LOVE how you described how you write your outlines throughout the writing of the book! SO interesting! Thanks SO much for doing that interview!
KOODLES to you for thinking and writing for kids! (And Adults!) It takes a man with a LOT of love for kids to write such an AWESOME BOOK! And, books, plural!

Laurie Carlson said...

Sorry! One more thing!
This year I am thankful to Author's who write EXCELLENT BOOKS, take the time to do Interviews on our Book Blogs, and more! Thanks to you ALL!!! Without you, we would NOT be able to escape 'life' for several hours at a time and be SO entertained!!! Thanks!
Laurie Carlson
laurieisreading at gmail dot com