Thursday, December 15, 2011

Code Red- Household Alert

The Problem
A misplaced Nerf dart.  Not so bad, eh?

The Location
A light.  More specifically, the cup-shaped cover under one of many bulbs on a high hanging light.

The Challenge
The light is out of reach by hand, about four feet from the railing in the loft. The standing ladder is not tall enough to reach it from the floor.  There is an extendable feather duster, but it does not have a grab-nabber attachment.

The First Attempt
Try to dust it out.  Try not to swing light too much but dammit the dart is really lodged in there.

The Danger
Son keeps wanting to observe from right under the light, presumably to catch the dart if it drops.  The light is swinging farther now and in theory it should be quite secure but parental paranoia kicks in and you can see the whole damn light come crashing down…

The Solution
Clear son from under light by telling him to get a roll of masking tape, in laundry room.  Remove tip from feather duster and extend it to its full length.  When son arrives with tape, tear off foot-long strip of tape, wrap once around the tip of the feather duster, and crumple the remaining length into a semi-loose ball.  Drop tape ball into cup-light and go fishing. 

The Result
Tape made contact and loosened dart, then on the next attempt it made sustained contact.  Success!  Dart cleared from light.

Lesson Learned
Not a damn thing.  It happened before and it’ll happen again.  Maybe not this exact Nerf dart and this exact light, but a similar situation will present itself, I’m sure.



Donna Hole said...

The life and adventures of the average dad.

Think it will sell?

Did I miss the elf movement?


Laurel said...

At least this particular adventure did not result in any gaping holes in drywall.

Rick Daley said...

Donna- Tough to tell. Elfs are moving slowly but steadily.

Laurel- As winter closes in and we are cooped up in the house for months, the potential for me to do some commercial-grade spackling increases exponentially.

Laurie Carlson said...

I LOVE when the "parental paranoia" kicks in! It's SO the truth!
Those damned Nerf Darts! My son is 14 and he has moved on to Air Soft and BB Guns. I pitched EVERY Nerf Dart I could find!!!
Now I get to put up with all these little balls EVERYWHERE!!!!
I don't know which is worse???
Probably when a window gets broken!! Or a light!!
Laurie Carlson
laurieisreading at gmail dot com
PS. I'm reading your book now!
So far, excellent! LOVE it!!

Rick Daley said...

Laurie- We have airsoft guns, too. Those little balls are annoying. My wife and I cleaned out basement a while back and swept up about 7 million of them. They made it to every corner of the basement. I told my son if I have to pick any more up I'm taking the guns. Either he stopped shooting them, or he's been cleaning. Either way, it looks like my tactic worked!

Enjoy the story...Let me know what you think when you've finished reading. Merry Christmas!