Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rudy Toot-Toot has arrived!

Ready for a blast of laughing gas?

I received ARCs (advanced reader copies, for you non-writer folk) of my new kids' book, Rudy Toot-Toot!  I'm giving away a limited number of signed copies in exchange for reviews on Amazon,, and Goodreads.

If you'd like an advance copy for review (Free! Signed!) just email me at rjdaley101071 (at) gmail (dot) com.  First come, first serve!  Act now!  Hurry, while supplies last!  (NOTE: I should get a job on an infomercial)

by Rick Daley
Rudy Toot-Toot has a special power, almost like a super-hero: 
He can fart.  It comes natural when you’re born on a bean farm.  The problem is that Rudy can’t control the timing or the force behind his special gift.  

His farts get him into a lot of trouble at home and school, and after one monstrous blast scares all the Beanheads away from the Toot-Toot Family Bean Market, it’s up to Rudy to find a way to use his talent to lure the customers back before the bank takes away their home.

This hilarious tale about self-control (and the lack thereof) will have readers young and old laughing out loud.  They might even learn a thing or two along the way… 


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations, Rick! Nothing like the feel of your own book in your hands.

Rick Daley said...

Thanks, Alex! It's awesome. I'm excited for school to start back up, I have a loyal following at my kids' elementary school, they were clamoring for this all year. I hoped to get it out in the spring, but working with illustrations takes longer than I thought it would.

D.G. Hudson said...

Good Luck, Rick. I think I'll leave this one for the MG reviewers.

This is boy stuff.

Laurel said...

So excited for this one to "come out." 'Cause it's a "gasser!"

(I never met a fart joke I didn't like.)

Donna Hole said...

Yay; congrats Rick. This has been a long time in the works I know.


Sharon said...

Yeah!! I will be ordering & distributing in TX.. Will you come for a book-signing?!!!

Rick Daley said...

DG- It's more kids stuff than boy stuff...In my classroom readings, girls have laughed just as hard. It's a great book for anyone in elementary school (K-5)!

Laurel- I hope to blow them away!

Donna- It's amazing how slow the publication process is. It's even slower when dealing with illustrations, but I'm very happy with the final result!

Sharon- Do you know any elementary school teachers? I'll do free classroom visits with a writing workshop!

Anne Gallagher said...

This is so fantastic! I'd wondered if you'd ever get it out there? Tell me is is self pubbed or did you go with a publisher?

I think my daughter would love a copy. She thinks farts are amazing. I'd be happy to do a review. piedmontwriter at gmail dot com

D.G. Hudson said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Rick! I was judging from my experience as a big sis to a little bro.

I know someone with a son in the K-5 range, so I'll mention your book to her. She lives in Florida.

After all, R. Munsch wrote about the same special skill didn't he? I think I remember reading it to our girls.

Rick Daley said...

DG- I hope your friend gets a copy, not just because I want the sales, but because I think this is a story kids connect with and it helps them to discover a love of reading. Sure the farts are a rather gratuitous way to lure them in, but there's a real story driving it all, and the blasts of gas to have serious plot consequences. Ultimately, it's a tale of self control and finding the right time and the right place, but it's not preachy, that just comes naturally through the story...