Monday, January 26, 2009

The title comes last

Sometimes when I blog I start with a title and work from there. This morning I'm just winging it. I have no title in mind. That being said, I did put a title up there as a placeholder. I may change it, I may not. We'll see. For the moment, the most important thing is a refill on my coffee.

Got it.

For you, the reader, that was nothing. Instant coffee. There's one of the magic qualities for writing. Things can just happen. Coffee can appear, hot and freshly brewed, without having to wait.

But really, you are under my control as a writer. If I want you to wait for the coffee, I could have gone into detail about how I got up and went into the kitchen. If I really wanted to mess with you, I could even tell you I had to let the dog out, even though I didn't - but you would never know unless I told you, like i just did. I'm a terrible liar.

When I got to the kitchen, I saw that my wife drank the last cup, so I rinsed the pot and re-filled the coffee maker with water. I grabbed the coffee from the cupboard, and measured out eight scoops. Angie doesn't put in as much as I do, but as a result her coffee tastes like dirty water and couldn't wake an insomniac. I drink it black, she adds hazelnut creamer, so she's going for the flavor of the creamer, and I'm going for the flavor of the coffee.

Which do you like better? Can you taste my coffee, its bold and robust flavor? Can you taste my wife's creamer, sweet and nutty?

Writing is amazing. I start a thought, and you finish it. Maybe I just made you thirsty. I could probably make you hungry if I wanted to.

If nothing else, I hope I entertained you, or proved thought in its slightest form. If I totally wasted your time, then I failed.

All for now...


Anita said...

Since your muscles are just an "illusion," I feel comfortable telling you I'd like to kick your butt for beating me to Nathan's query contest.

Seriously, good luck! I can't wait to read Nathan's reaction.

Rick Daley said...

Ha! That made me laugh out loud, thanks!

I saw Nathan's post and my heartbeat went up to 190 as I raced to enter it. the first time I hit submit it didn't work, I used brackets <> instead of parenthesis at the end, and it gave an HTML error.

I saw that one other query was posted, and my heart went into overdrive as I double the pace.

It's a good thing my wife works for a cardiologist, I almost had to call her!

J.E. Seymour said...

i hear a lot of people say that the title comes last. for me the title usually comes after i've finished outlining

Rick Daley said...

Hi Jay,

This was in reference to this specific post, where I wrote the title first not having the foggiest clue as to what I would write about in the post.