Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Chilling Thought

Short post, not much time. We're about to leave for Dayton to see the air show. The Thunderbirds will be flying, as well as a stealth bomber, Apache helicopters, and other things that, until I know the names of them, will be formally considered UFO's.

The issue: right now it's 59 degrees outside. It's freaking July!!!! Our high isn't even going to reach 70. WTF?

If you happen to run see Mother Nature today, please tell her she is a whore.

That's all.


Aimee K. Maher said...

Her bastard son, Senor Sizzle, is hovering over my place.

FYI - is it really necessary for The Goog to make someone type "ionnonon" to leave a comment? I just had a mini-stroke behind my right eye.

Vodka Mom said...

Me?? I'm not telling her.

YOU do it.

Rick Daley said...

The Goog is funny. Their corporate motto is "don't be evil" but often times you'd think their sub-motto is "do as I say, not as I do. If you need me I'll be feeding your data to the government and blocking the rest of the web from China."

I told mother nature off. If global warming suddenly accelerates, please accept my sincere apologies.

Anita said...

Weird! Let us know if it warmed up.

Davin Malasarn said...

Sorry, I can't hear you, Rick. There's too much sun screaming in my ear over here in Southern California.

Rick Daley said...

At least I got to turn the AC off and save a few $$$.

Enjoy it while you can. You know CA is going to fall into the ocean one of these days.

Penney said...

Freaking whore. You wanna bet she doesn't make up for it this winter either?

Rick Daley said...

We're either gonna freeze or boil this winter. The odds are 50/50.

Laura Martone said...

I'm north of you, Rick - in ever-chilly Michigan. Recently, it was 49 degrees - in freakin' July!!! My garden is screamin'!

But I still wouldn't want the 100% humidity that my fellow New Orleanians are dealing with right now. So, I'll take the cold while I can get it. If Al Gore's right, we're all gonna burn up eventually anyway... right?

Rick Daley said...

Burn up or drown, it depends on where you live.

L. T. Host said...

Mother Nature's in my novel.

I'm not sure I can get one of my characters to call her a whore though... I'll let you know.

Rick Daley said...

Hmmm...Blame it on one of the characters. That's a pretty good idea. I can get away with saying a lot of stuff that way, I just need to come up with the right character to say it all.

Julie said...

Dayton air show is the best! Most of my family lives around Dayton - I also have some in Columbus and some in Cincinnati.

Thanks for all your work on "Query Slushpile! So far my query has gone from "incomprehensible" to "ok, I think I might actually understand was this book is about"

Rick Daley said...


I'm glad you found the Slushpile. The more people who participate, the better the site is for everyone.

Julie said...

I agree, I'm noticing the query probably needs the most "test readers" because it's such a small part of the story.

I know for me, my letter made perfect sense in my head because my brain filled in the missing pieces.

I needed other people to tell me what confused them.

I'm reading your samples right now and my kids, watching disney channel next to me on the couch, keep asking "what are you laughing at?"

So I it's really great!