Monday, August 10, 2009


That got you to click didn't it? You bunch o' perverts. Gosh.

Actually, there won't be any mature content in this post. You may now go elsewhere for your debauchery. Doesn't matter, Google Analytics knows you were here.

I just wanted to tell you about the difficulties I have selecting music for my car. I have a 6-CD changer, which is great because I'm too impatient to listen to commercial radio and I don't drive enough to justify satellite radio.

I have an iPod adaptor, but if I used my iPod I am sure to leave it in the car and then the battery will be dead when I want to go jogging, and then I won't jog without music so ultimately listening to the iPod in the car is bad for my health.

The kids don't appreciate the talents of Crosby, Stills & Nash or Janis Joplin. Those "Best of..." CD's are getting pulled from the mix. Trying to decide what to replace them with is a challenge, indeed.

I discovered recently that the kids like Billy Joel, as they continuously request two tracks from Disc 1 of his "Best Of..." CD. (NOTE: I do have several non-Best of... CD's. But none of them will be mentioned in this post).

Choice 1: Disc 2 of the Best of Billy Joel. Many great tunes, and I am sick as hell of The Entertainer and Captain Jack from Disc 1.

Choice 2: I settled on the "Best of...The Doors." I haven't listened to them in a long time, and Jim Morrison had a great voice for a drunken lunatic. Which disc, though, 1 or 2?

Looking over the songs...Disc 2...LA Woman, good one...Roadhouse Blues, another classic, makes me want to get myself a beer...Love her madly, sweet romantic ballad...The End, wait a minute.

That's the one that goes:

"Yes, son."
"I want to kill you. Mother. I want to..."

Waaaay too many questions to answer there. Disc 1 it is.


~Aimee States said...

Lol...I love when a question comes back to answering itself.

Not The Rockefellers said...

Yeah, that's way too much Shakespeare for the young'uns
to brush up on!


Peace - Rene

Scott said...

Let it roll, baby roll, let it roll all night long!

Besides killing him, drugs also ruined Morrison's voice. Think about how different he sounded in LA Woman as compared to Touch Me or Light My Fire.

It's amazing how different some singers sound after years of abusing their bodies and/or vocal cords. Steven Tyler doesn't even sound like the same human being now as when he first sung Dream On. Elton John, Billy Joel ... crap, even Madonna. I really liked Madonna when she first came out with all of her dance music.

Rick Daley said...

Aimee- With kids, it's best not to leave these things to chance. They pick up on everything. Especially the stuff you are sure they didn't hear.

Rene- If I can avoid instilling in him the Oedipal complex, I will have succeeded as a parent!

Scott - Let's not forget Elvis...

CKHB said...

I loved your kid-friendly explanation of "Captain Jack"! I don't think there' s kid-friendly explanation for The Doors... not a short one, anyway.

Anita said...

Have you heard Billy Joel's lullaby? Beautiful song. Husband sings it at night to kids sometimes. I sing it sometimes, too, but totally change lyrics...Goodnight my little boogers, time to go to sleep and close your eyes before i kick you in your booties.

Rick Daley said...

Anita, that's a new one, but I like your version of it!

CKHB, I think the only kid-friendly explanation for The End is, "Sorry, son, the radio's broken!"

If you check out the Post Labels there's one for Pink Floyd that is similar to this post (but with its own unique funnies).

Rich said...

Rick, spend a buck and buy a good connection device for the car. I listen to mine from HHI,SC to OH. 12 hours and when I get there it is fully CHARGED! As long as it is plugged into the car the adapter charges the iPod.

I have a Sirus portable that is yours for the picking up! When are you headed to SC? See you 12/12 and if I remember it I'll bring it along.

Rick Daley said...

Me, spend a buck?? Only if it's on a whimsical high-dollar purchase. Think "musical equipment."

Otherwise the budget is allocated to the wife and kids...

Not sure when we'll be coming to SC, probably not until next spring / summer. Looking forward to December, though. I have a new post half-drafted that recaps my experience at the last wedding. Family gatherings are very inspirational to my writing ;-)

Vodka Logic said...

My kids listen to what I listen to and occasionally I give them the choice.
The content of the songs is ok with me..they are 15 and 20 now.

They like The Doors, not so much Billy Joel since I am not a big fan..sorry.

Try some Stereophonics or Richard Ashcroft.

As Scott said. Let it roll, baby roll.


Rick Daley said...

Vodka Logic- My kids like most of what my wife and I listen to. Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Pearl Jam are high on the list.

Both kids (ages 5 and 7) can pick Eddie Vedder's or Peter Gabriel's voice out right away.

Few things make me more proud.