Sunday, December 6, 2009

And I Quote:

"I need something to keep my legs warm because this toilet is freaking cold."

- My 5-year old son.

Should I be concerned?

At least he said "freaking." That's a reflection of my wife and me and the admirable restraint we show in our own language around the house. Kids say what they hear, you know.


Laurel said...

BwaaHaaHahaha! My own five year old used "Dammit" correctly as an expletive the other day. I am distressingly certain he did not pick it up at school/

Kristi said...

That's hilarious. You do show admirable restraint because I stubbed my toe in front of both kids about 6 months ago and apparently the word that flew out of my mouth was not 'freaking.' My husband still shakes his head about it because my 2-yo and 5-yo have remembered that word as if it happened just yesterday - at least I know they're listening to me :)

Alex said...

My two year old says dammit too. So proud.

Anonymous said...

Legitimate gripe. But at least he doesn't have to sit EVERY time he uses the bathroom like us ladies.

LeSan said...

Well I just want to know if you got him something for his freaking legs?
LOL cute cute cute.

Vodka Logic said...

Well he was telling the truth? and he used it properly .. lol

Sharon said...

That is hysterical!
And so are the comments from others!

Rick Daley said...

We were at a skate park once and Max asked me why all the big kids swear.

"Once guy said 'fucking kids' when we skated near them, but we didn't even do anything to bother them," he told me.

Hearing the bomb burst forth from his lips - said with the same inflection as the teenager, no doubt - about made my heart stop. It was like a layer of innocence was ripped away in front of me.

Fucking teenagers.

Oh, and to answer your questions:

- I didn't get him something for his legs, because I didn't want our blankets and towels to get freaking dirty.

- I have no reason to doubt the truth behind his statement. Today's high will be 36. Thursday's high will be 22. It's freaking cold.

Rich said...

Recently one of our married children got a call from the principal of the school. Their son did something and the principal wanted to discuss it with them.

“Mr. and Mrs. S”, the teacher asked “your 6 year old son to sit down, he replied NO!” The teacher said “What did you say?” He replied “I said No, God Damn It!” Dad turned to Mom and without hesitation said “You got to quit using language like that!”

I would rather be the grandparent than raising freaking kids!

Rick Daley said...

A couple years ago Max and Vic were playing and Angie heard Max say, "God damn it, Vic!"

I have no freaking idea where he got that one.

Sharon said...

When Bradley was small- we moved into a new house. Steve had to do alot of work on it. Bradley was pretending to be 'daddy'- had his tool belt and hammer. And was using the hammer, while saying 'god damit', 'god damit'.....god damit.....Guess he thought that was what a hammer said?!!!
These post are hilarious!!

sherri said...

Toilets are freaking cold. I remember my Mom telling me that as a kid I told my dad I loved him b/c he was a "son of a bitch". lovely.

Anita said...

My kids repeat everything I say, which is how I find out when I'm using certain words and phrases too much.