Friday, January 21, 2011

It was awful...

I can't take it.  The high-pitched screams.  The pounding.  The inability to speak. 

Of course I'm talking about the new season of American Idol.

It was awful.  Randy had no viable input.  He's the show veteran, but he seemed more interested in watching his new judges react than judging an audition himself.  His motto seemed to be, "Whatever you two think, I guess."

For several candidates, Steven Tyler screamed along and pounded on the table.  Kara used to groove sometimes, and Paula danced on occasion, but they never overshadowed an audition the way Steven Tyler did, where the kids auditioning were demoted to his back-up performers.  At least Mr. Tyler didn't stand up and grab his crotch, or if he did the producers mercifully edited that out.     

Jennifer, "OMG I can't say no!" Lopez (hereafter to be called J-No) needs to develop another reaction to an audition.  Watching her judge contestants is like watching Adam Richman take a bite of anything on Man vs. Food (NOTE: he only has one reaction after his first bite of food, which is chew once, close eyes, roll head, and simulate an orgasm, even to the point where he says "Oh my God!").  

There was no honesty in the feedback.  Everyone wants to be the nice one, but in reality each one is just lame, and the level of lameness grows exponentially when combined as a group.  Now I'm not asking for someone to act like a Simon clone, or to go all Ricky Gervais on each contestant, but someone must have the guts to be honest. 

The thing I miss most is Simon's dramatic pause, though. 

"You just sucked," he would say, and then pause for effect, making you wonder if he was finished, before continuing with, "the life out of that song."
On Wednesday we watched the first half of American Idol as a family, and when the kids went to bed, my wife and I switched to Modern Family.  On Thursday I had DVR set for AI, The Big Bang Theory, and Wipeout.  Problem is, I can only record/watch two out of the three.  Sorry, new AI, we recorded Big Bang, and watched Wipeout

You were voted out.


Charlie said...

I didn't watch it. When I used to be into that show, I only watched after the final twelve was in place. Trainwreck's are not my thing.

When Ms. Lopez (and so many others) produced her pop material with pitch correction, I knew she wasn't really a singer.

Laurel said...

I have never seen AI. Not once. Of course I've seen the videos that go viral of truly stellar or truly abysmal performances, but that's it.

I haven't seen BBT, either, but I'm going to start watching. I'm trying to find old episodes and catch up. It looks hilarious!

Rick Daley said...

@Charlie- I enjoy a decent train wreck, hence the favoritism for Wipeout (America's Funniest Home Videos is another favorite for this household). What I really liked was someone in the auditions who was truly talented and really stood out...but with the judges being so kind to everyone, it doesn't give someone a chance to rise above.

You're right about the auto-tune. It would be silent for a decent singer.

@Laurel- I didn't watch the first several seasons, but my wife did, and eventually it sucked me in.

I like BBT in the same sense that fat people look skinny by standing next to fatter people. I feel like less of a geek (borderline cool, even) by watching the geeks on the show. Plus it's really funny.

D. Michael Olive said...

Actually, the best part of AI is when the trainwrecks take the camera and shove in the photographer's face. While they can't get to the judges (check out the gorilla who's learned to shave an prowls the studio), I'd love to see one of them haul off on Ryan.

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

I'd have to disagree. I've watch AI for a long time and to be honest, I'm glad they're all a little nicer, but then I'm a singer and can imagine how it would feel to be told I sucked on TV. I love the judges and think their emotion is beautiful. I think Randy is reacting to the new dynamics is all. Simon made the show a must see, just to see how rude he was going to be, but I like how it is now. Just sayin.

Rick Daley said...

I haven't watched since the first episode, so I couldn't say if the new judges improved, or if I'd warm to them by now. But based on what I did see, I'm in no hurry to tune back in.

Lucky for them I'm a Daley and not a Neilson!