Thursday, April 5, 2012

A-Z Challenge: Evil Dead 2

I love horror movies.  Maybe it stems from my love of  horror novels, Stephen King has been a long-time favorite author.  There are always signature works that stand out in a genre, like The Shining or The Stand.  For me, Evil Dead 2 is an all-time favorite for horror movies.

I first saw this movie in college.  I was in a dorm that had suites shared by eight guys (or girls).  We had four bedrooms, a bathroom with a couple showers and several stalls, and a lounge area with a couch and chairs.  The guys from a suite one floor down invited us over for movie night.  They had appropriated a couple extra couches (we did not ask questions, but let's just say it was always wise to keep your suite doors closed) and had set them up in their lounge in rows, theater style. 

"It's all action," Chris told me when I asked what we would be watching.  He wouldn't say anything else.  We settled in and prepared for the movie.  Chris was right, it is non-stop action, and highly entertaining.  It being college, we were all on a lot more than fresh air at the time, and I'm sure the atmosphere amped the movie up a notch or two, but seriously, this is campy, gorey, scary fun that is so over-the-top you just have to go with it.

The movie is kind of a sequel, but also kind of a re-make of The Evil Dead, a story about a group of friends who go to a cabin in the woods and find a book in the basement...a book that summons the dead.  To go into further plot details would do no justice, for this movie is purely a visual spectacle, with such campy, goofy horror you can't help but laugh.  My favorite scene is when Ash's (Bruce Campbell's) hand becomes possessed and starts attacking him.  There is only one thing he can do: Cut it off with a chainsaw.  Later, he attaches the chainsaw to his arm as a prosthetic.

I also loved how the cabin, which looks to be a small, single-room structure from the outside, has numerous rooms and labyrinthine corridors inside, leading to some wonderfully confusing chase scenes.  And then there's the reanimated decapitated girlfriend, who does a macabre sexy dance for her boyfriend and then tries to kill him. 

Like I said, pure fun.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

One of my favorite movies as well! Hysterical - some of the best movie lines ever.
Speaking of a "Cabin in the Woods," that movie is getting rave reviews stating that it turns the horror genre on its ear. Looking forward to it next week.

D.G. Hudson said...

Horror movies give me bad dreams. (Or was that the late snack I had?), but I like reading the genre. Have not seen Evil Dead of any number.

I like some of S. Kings stories, though. 'Hearts in Atlantis' by King - I think that was the title, and I read the Stand (unabridged and 700 pgs l-o-n-g) after that. (It's in my book reviews on the Rainforest site).

Rick Daley said...

Alex- When I first saw the trailers for "Cabin in the Woods" I thought it looked all sorts of bad, but knowing Joss Whedon is behind it gives me hope. 95% on Rotten Tomatoes is a good sign, too.

DG- Horror is not for everyone. I haven't read "Hearts in Atlantis" but I have seen the movie, and its excellent. I imagine it's a great read. I read the original "The Stand" but not the unabridged version.

Red said...

I made the mistake of seeing this in the theatre the week after it opened. I was politely asked to leave just after the dance scene. I could not stop laughing through the entire movie.

The hand was hysterical. I recall asking my husband if he had not noticed how huge the cabin was inside. Still scratch my head at the horror tag...yes, yes, zombies, I get it, but seriously fun movie.

Checking in from A to Z.

Mum of One said...

Mahahaha, it sounds awesome! Particularly the dance scene!

Donna Hole said...

My kids talked me into seeing Shaun of the Dead; a horrid mistake *shakes head*

This sounds like the same type movie. While I love horror movies, sometimes the twisted humor just turns me off.

This sounds like something my kids would love.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'm clicking on random blogs that catch my eye from the A to Z Challenge website.

I can't handle horror films.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'm clicking on random blogs that catch my eye from the A to Z Challenge website.

I can't handle horror films.

Val said...

Enjoyed your blog! Thanks!

Rick Daley said...

Donna- I am sick and twisted, I loved Shaun of the Dead.

Scots- Thanks for stopping by! Keep checking, I'll have plenty of non-horror movies as I work through the rest of the alphabet.

Val- Thanks, glad to hear from you!