Monday, April 23, 2012

A-Z Challenge: True Romance

I don't know why I like chick-flicks that aren't really chick-flicks.  The Princess Bride fell into this category, and we hit it again with True Romance, a movie I had passed over countless times while perusing the shelves at Blockbuster (NOTE: It has been ages since I set foot in a Blockbuster, I don't think there's even one open near here anymore).  I would have continued passing True Romance up based on the title had a friend not recommended it.

This movie is a triple-serving of holy f*&^ing sh!t.  I guess it does truly cover the romance angle, but it ranks so high in bad-assery the romance is a bit of a sub-plot.  Clarence (Christian Slater) is set up with Alabama (Patricia Arquette), a call girl, but they fall in love.  Clarence promises to get her things from her pimp, Drexel (an unrecognizable Gary Oldman in what, in my opinion, is the best supporting performance by a character actor in ever, period).  Clarence grabs the wrong bag and ends up with a suitcase full of coke, which mobsters Christopher Walken and pre-Soprano James Gandolfini want back.

And if that's not enough to fill the big screen we have Brad Pitt smoking a honey bear bong, Val Kilmer as the soul of Elvis, Samuel L. Jackson confessing his dietary habits before getting a bellyfull of shotgun, and Dennis Hopper taunting a hit-man in an epic racist rant.  And then there's the Mexican standoff at the end...a lot like the end of Reservoir Dogs, in a way.  Did I mention this was written by Quentin Tarantino?

This is another one for my top five favorites.  Aside from the mayhem, of which there is plenty, it still has humor and despite some preposterous turns of events, still feels real.



D.G. Hudson said...

It sounds like a movie I wouldn't have picked. The title would have put me off too, perhaps it should have been 'True Romance with Grit'?

A lot of those rental movie places are closing here, as another era is ushered in (netflix, etc).

I like this series, and enjoyed this post.

Johanna Garth said...

Love that movie! Now I kinda want to see it again.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

You were probably quite surprised when you began watching it then. I think I went to the theater for this one.

Annalisa Crawford said...

Great film. Haven't watched it for ages. Must do so!

Nancy Thompson said...

I LOVE True Romance!! Especially that part where Alabama raises that corkscrew to defend herself and that guy who's kicking her ass just laughs at her. She showed him, huh?! Great flick!

I’m a new follower via the A to Z. Nice to meet you, Rick!

Eric said...

Christian Slater is always in these kinds of oddball parts and oddball movies. Did you ever see Pump Up The Volume? Great movie, much like this one.

Rick Daley said...

I'm glad so many people are fond of this, it deserves the accolades.

Eric- Pump up the Volume is classic teen rebellion. I also liked the warped humor in Heathers, where young Christian turned his Jack Nicholson up to 11 and gave a great performance.