Monday, April 9, 2012

A-Z Challenge: The Hangover

First off, I think it's cool that on Saturday night I was flipping through the channel guide and caught the last half-hour of The Abyss, starting right before Bud puts on the liquid oxygen suit.  I let the kids watch the end of the movie, then we put them to bed.  I cam back downstairs and flipped channels again and came across The Forty-Year-Old Virgin, so I watched that with my wife until bedtime.  When I woke up and turned the TV on, Caddyshack was playing, I didn't even have to change the channel.  So clearly someone at my cable company has been reading these posts, which is way cool.

On to The Hangover.  This is one of the few adult movies I've seen in the theater in the past few years.  And when I say adult movies I mean R-rated movies, not adult movies, which I am not opposed to, but I would never go to see one in a theater. 

When I first saw The Hangover I started laughing within the first five minutes and didn't stop until I was in my car and a couple miles away from the theater.  Very few movies are that hands-down hilarious from beginning to end.  Zach Galuf..Gafink...the fat guy with the beard stole the show, but the rest of the cast were perfect in their respective roles, including Mike Tyson.

I've seen this movie several times, and while it's still funny, the first viewing where I did not know what was going to happen is still the best.  It's a great example of the benefit of staying spoiler-free, and letting the surprises and twists hit you full force.  There is no part of this movie that is not excellent. Especially the singer at the wedding and the photo montage at the end.



Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I thought this movie funny as well although I usually don't like that style of humor.

Eric said...

I'm with Alex. Although I usually don't like this type of movie, I really enjoyed the Hangover. They just got it right in the right way. Good choice for H.

Rick Daley said...

Alex / Eric- When I told my wife I wanted to take her to see it she was really skeptical, thinking it would just be a stupid gross comedy, but she loved it too. I have no interest in seeing the new American Pie movie, even though the first one was good. And The Hangover 2 should not have been made.

Johanna Garth said...

My husband constantly tells the kids, "they'll get nothing and like it." Caddyshack is an endless source of amusement to him!

Red said...

If this one is a departure from the rest in its genre, it may be worth a look. I have not ever liked the imitative nature of them. Seems a hollow rendition of the genius of vaudeville which spawned it.

Have to give this one a look. I could use a good laugh.

Rick Daley said...

Johanna- Caddyshack is highly quotable, your husband has one of the best ones.

Red- The Hangover is quite original, and very well done. The second one takes imitative to a new low, however, but don't let that mar the experience of seeing the first one.