Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guess the [Fake] Plot

Evil Editor posted a new face lift, and I, being the loyal minion, again had a fake plot posted. Here are the plots for Surviving Eden (you can read the query at EE's blog, it's Face Lift 609). Since this is my blog, your challenge is to pick the fake plot I submitted. Post your guess as a comment:

Surviving Eden

1. Life isn't easy when you're a snake in the grass. It gets worse when you piss God off by spoiling His creation, and you realize that you only have Hell to look forward to after . . . Surviving Eden.

2. On an alternate Earth, where the apple went untouched and mankind continued naked and unashamed, would-be fashionista Carlotta Jones yearns to design the perfect apron of fig-leaves.

3. In an unspoiled part of America, Sarah moves into the home of a mysterious spinster. But can her ambition to become a spinster herself survive when she meets hunky Tyler wandering in the forest?

4. They called it Eden: a mythical planet of beauty and fruitfulness, hidden in the far reaches of the galaxy. Jonah Starfarer found it at last--but no one had mentioned the sword-wielding angel who guarded it.

5. Everyone knows about Adam & Eve. But what about the poor animals? Lion Aslan must lead the animals from their world to the dangerous one of humans. But is there a snake in his path, too?

6. Eden seemed so fragile and delicate that Walter dedicated himself to protecting her. But after five years of her mood shifts and erratic behaviour, he was forced to acknowledge that he was barely . . . Surviving Eden.


Crimogenic said...

I'm stuck between 1 & 2....

hmmm, I'm going to go with number 2!

What's going to be the prize for the right answer? Hopefully you're ship the winner a jar of those yummy-looking green olives :)

Rick Daley said...

First prize is bragging rights. Last prize is ridicule. All participants get a worthless chuckle.

Answer will be revealed tomorrow.

BUT I NEED MORE PLAYERS!!! Come on people, work with me here...

Lady Glamis said...

I'm going to go with #3. :)

Rick Daley said...

Wow! That was exciting now, wasn't it? The pins and needles must be excruciating, waiting for the results.

It was Number 1!

Crimey, you were close. Always go with your first instinct, they say.

Lady G did guess the real plot, not my fake submission, so there's honor in that, too.

Thanks for playing ;-)

Anita said...

I was so guessing 1, but then I read your comment and it was 1! So now you'll never believe me that I knew!

Lady Glamis said...

Hey, cool! I guess it sounded too good to be true! :)