Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't Quit Your Day Job

No, I'm not frustrated with my progress in finding an agent, I've put it on hold to re-write my manuscript. And I'm comfortable with how the re-write is going. It's slow, but what is coming out is a thousand-percent improvement over the prior drafts.

I've just been really busy with work lately. It's the good kind of busy, though. I'm in sales, so that translates to opportunities with a high probability of closing, several of them. There are also new viable opportunities hitting my pipeline, which makes me feel good about where the economy is headed. It's about f&^%ing time!

My other blog, The Public Query Slushpile, has also been a vortex of free time. I'm not complaining. Really, I'm not! I think it's very cool that it is so successful. I think about the queries and the comments, then the revised queries, and I see how much people are helping each other out and it totally makes me feel all warm inside. Or maybe it's the coffee doing that, who knows.


Vodka Mom said...

sales opportunities? Keep me posted, I may be behind you in that line.......

Rick Daley said...

Cool, you can join me in the glorious world of Call Centers! At least I don't work in a call center anymore, I sell software to businesses that have call centers.

Anita said...

I think good writing finds its way to book shelves. Hang in there! And "Yeah" on sales!

Lady Glamis said...

I am so glad that the Slushpile is a success! It's a good vortex of free time,right?

Glad to hear your rewrites are going well. It's not good to query prematurely. I'm in that boat, too. :D

Rick Daley said...

The Query Slushpile is a very good vortex of free time, I really like seeing writers helping each other, and the improvements I have seen in many queries is staggering (I post multiple revisions for a lot of the queries on the site).

It's a tough call to determine the right time to query. I queried early, but I learned how to query successfully, and I got a partial request from an agent that is known to reject about 98% of all queries received.

While the partial was rejected, the best benefit was the feedback I got on my manuscript, with some specific things to work on. I've had feedback from other writers, but the feedback from the agent was different...more succinct.

The agent also provided an affirmation on the strengths in my writing and my story. So while I wasn't ready to close on representation, it was a valuable and well-timed effort, and it was very motivating.