Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Piano Talk

Our sons have piano lessons this evening, and the piano teacher said this:

"Play an F and A."

But they way I interpreted it, because I am immature and it is much more fun, is:

"Play an effin' A." (The common substitute for a full blown F-bomb (In case you didn't know)).  "No, not the C.  Play the effin' A."

Chuckles from the kitchen, and then an F and an A resonated through the house




Anita said...

Hilarious! I worked on piano with a boy today too. Will remember your joke and hopefully will get a chuckle from my kitchen.

Matthew MacNish said...

How long have you had this blog, Rick? I've been following PQS forever, but I guess I never realized you had another blog.

Rick Daley said...

Matthew- That a great question. I just looked into my post archives, and the first post dates 8/18/08.

Somewhat fortunate timing, it give me a couple weeks to prepare for a 3-year anniversary, thanks for the heads up :-)

Check through the archives, there's some funny stuff in there. Thanks for stopping by!