Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 of My Favorite Movies

The darn kids didn't do one funny thing this morning, so I can't blog about them. They are so selfish sometimes.

So in my quest for a topic, I'm picking MOVIES. Here is a list of 10 of my favorite movies. Not the top 10, mind you, but this list is close to it. And they are in the order I thought them up, not in order of favoritism.

1. Pulp Fiction. Maybe this is my favorite, because it's the first one that popped into my mind. But then again, I am usually subject to completely random thoughts, so that really doesn't mean anything.

2. The 40-Year-Old Virgin. This is probably my favorite comedy of all time. I laugh out loud every time I watch it, especially during the dance number at the end.

3. Star Wars- The Empire Strikes Back. I was six years old when Start Wars first came out. My elementary school years were defined by new Star Wars movies and toys. But for all six films, to narrow it down to one, Empire is my favorite.

4. The Lord of the Rings- The Two Towers. Just had to pick one of these as well. Not Fellowship of the Ring, because there isn't enough Gollum. Not Return of the King, because I hate HATE HATE what Peter Jasckson did with the climax of the film, and indeed the whole series. Gollum bites Frodo's finger off, gets the ring, and then falls in. FRODO DOES NOT TACKLE HIM AND SEND THEM BOTH OVER THE CLIFF! This has major implications on Frodo's character, but also the irony that Gollum did himself in. After the years of hunting and desiring the ring, he finally gets it, and in a dance of joy, destroys himself and the ring. IN a dance of joy, I said, not in a fight because they are in the ring's evil grip. All that sweet, sweet irony, ironed flat. But I digress...

5. The Matrix. Totally kick ass on every level.

6. The Usual Suspects. Awesome twist ending, one of the best, in my opinion.

7. Batman- The Dark Knight. And not just because it's popular right now, it's just a damn good movie. It is very well written, there is depth to the characters, and the situations the Joker sets up have such a deep meaning on a moral level, you can find something new in the film each time you watch it.

8. Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. made this movie. Jon Favreau may have directed it, but Downey made it. Put someone else in that role, totally different movie, and no chance for being as good. But he did, and it was.

9. Rocky II. My favorite in the Rocky series. Best part: when he is in the hospital with Adrian, and he asks her what he should do. "Win," she tells him. Shit, I just got goosebumps typing that. Gotta fly now...

10. Toy Story. Pure genius. The voices are perfect, the animation is perfect, the story line perfect, all the cliche's are perfect. Humor suitable for adults and kids. They hit it out of the park with this.

Now, post a comment and let me know one of your favorites that I missed!


Davin Malasarn said...

I have two: Princess Mononoke and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I actually have three but I was trying to restrain myself. High Noon.

Great choices, though.

Anita said...

I loved Pulp Fiction...very clever, well-written and executed. The only other movies I've seen on you rlist are Rocky II (and who doesn't love Rocky?!) and Toy Story (another solid goody). My husband and I are making our way through the Bourne movies now and they're great.

The Unbreakable Child said...

Great list, I like almost all of these!!

Rick Daley said...

I haven't heard of Princess Mononoke, but I saw Crouching Tiger and think it was great. Another excellent nmovie from that genre is Hero, with Jet Li. Very beautiful allegory with great action.

The Bourne movies were all good. I read an interview with Matt Damon wher he spoke of the importance of keeping his private life private, to make his characters more believable on screen. He has a point. It's tough to buy someone as an action hero when you've seen their face splattered on tabloids for months.

Zawir Al-Hamidi said...

I have three: A Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Romeo Must Die and A Walk To Remember.

Crimogenic said...

I love the Matrix and Toy Story, two of my favorite movies to!