Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fascinating Airport Statistics

I'm in Miami, I arrived yesterday. I am here for a call center trade show. Please contain your jealousy.

I came to two startling conclusions yesterday while I was waiting for my luggage at baggage claim.

1) My bag has never been the first one to come through. I have flown all over the USA on every airline, and I've flown internationally to Germany and back. Not. First. Once. Except the time this past Christmas when we went on a cruise. When we landed in Orlando, we went to the food court for lunch first, because we didn't want to lug our luggage all over the airport (even though luggage is made for lugging). We were not there, so our bags probably did come out first. See startling conclusion #2 for more information.

2) I have never seen anyone grab the first bag. It usually makes at least one full lap around the conveyor. I think the baggage handlers have a bunch of lost bags, and they always kick the chain off with one of those.

At least the airlines have never lost my bag. Gotta go now. Need to shower and get ready for the show. Just ran 3 miles on the hotel treadmill because my wife and I are training for a half marathon in May. Obviously we are both absolutely batsh!t insane.


Anita said...

Once I heard my name announced at a airport baggage claim..."Anita Miller please report to lost baggage." I got there, and there was another Anita Miller waiting, too. I said (rudely, I know), "Yay! I hope it's your bag that's lost." The other Anita gave me a dirty look and then we both found out it was my bag that was lost. Other Anita walked away smiling.

Crimogenic said...

My bag is always the last to come out, it's a curse or something :)

Davin Malasarn said...

I always wonder about this! I've also never been the first bagger. I have a hypothesis, though. I think they load up the bags depending on when you check them in, so if you are punctual, then your bag ends up being in the back of the compartment. If you're that panicked last-minute arrival sprinting through the metal detector, then you'll get your bag first. I have no idea if that's true.

Rick Daley said...


I/m not sure if that works. I've checked in late and still had to wait. I've also checked in early and been booked to a middels eat and boarding group 9.

Maybe the airlines know that I make fun of them on my blog, and this is their way of getting back at me.

Davin Malasarn said...

Then I'm all tapped out. My only other answer is, the devil did it.

Rich said...

Rick, life is fantastic when you spot your luggage. I have never been the last or the first ... but yes my luggage often does NOT make it! Actually when we fly South West. The hub in Charlotte is the hang up. They fly small jets to and from HHI. What dosen't make it on our plane usually arrives on the last flight or the first AM flight. Golf clubs are the usual hang up. My heart misses a beat every time. Someday I suppose they will not make it! Hell, I need new ones anyway!