Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The agent got back to me!

...And declined representation. Bummer.

I did receive some very useful feedback, and while it was a rejection, it was not only polite but also had some very encouraging things to say. Plus I'm very excited to have finally gotten past the query letter rejection and on to the partial manuscript rejection. That's real progress!

The publishing market is not immune to the recession, and for an agent that gets a couple hundred queries per week but only takes on 2-3 new clients a year, getting in the door with a partial really is a win. Not as big of a win as a publishing contract with a six-figure advance, but a win none the less.

All for now. I am going to continue my hunt for success, if it does not find me first.


Anita said...

I can't wait to some day read your "I found an agent!" post.

Rick Daley said...

Your enthusiasm for that is slightly behind my desire to write my "I found and agent!" post ;-)

Have you signed with one, or are you submitting a revision still in hopes of signing?