Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Off to Chicago

I leave thins morning for Chicago. We have a prospective client out there, and I will do a sales presentation tomorrow afternoon.

Traveling can be a ear, but presentations and public speaking are actually my favorite parts of the job. In high school I was in theater and acted in over 10 plays my junior year, and I played in an state-wide production of Rome and Juliet my senior year that we took to international competition in Muncie, IN. I was the Chorus and County Paris in R&J, and I am pretty sure that had I not broken my leg after the second callback, I would have been cast as Romeo.

I was on stage rehearsing for a production of Scrooge when my foot got caught on the orchestra pit cover and I fell and broke my leg. Yes, sweet irony. They always say "break a leg" because "good luck" is bad luck. You are not supposed to break your leg, but I am an over-achiever. I completely dislocated my knee, kneecap popping all the way over to the side of my leg and chipping my femur and tibia before slamming back into place. I can sum it up in one word: ouch.

I had to have surgery and several months of physical therapy. No sword fighting, no climbing towers. I was bummed. If your gonna wear tights in a play, you should at least get to kiss someone or kill someone. I just got to dance.

Well, I need to get ready for my trip. Going to Chicago is kind of fun when your name is Richard Daley. I get double-takes at the airport and hotel every time.

I'm not related to the Chicago Daley family, but it's a blast to play it up when I'm there.

I'll be back on Friday.


Anonymous said...

I remember the fall! I guess it just comes with being your Dad. I dislocated my right shouler 9 times and left 5, thanks to football. That got me out of the USAF! Pilots who can't put on a parachute are no better than a bleeping rock! Don't forget to stop by the Mayors office and sign a few documents.

Rich said...

Just signed up.

Rick Daley said...

Hey, great to hear from you! There's a link on the right that you can click to "Follow This Blog" and you should get updates whenever I post something.

One difference between the pilot and the rock- the extent of the splat.

It's not the falling that gets you. it's the sudden stop.