Monday, February 16, 2009

FATE'S GUARDIAN got a Face-Lift

Ok, I asked for it! I submitted a query and synopsis to the Evil Editor, and he and his minions had at it over the weekend. The results went up this morning. It has a guess the plot, some funny comments in the query, and some questions and advice on how to better sell the story.

Click here to see what they did to me!

This was from a query I sent before I "won" a critique on Nathan Bransford's blog, so I think I have made some great improvements to the query since I first submitted for this lashing...



Crimogenic said...


I think EE had some good suggestions. I think the focus is better placed on the plot instead of the intricate interworking of the soul/ghost information. With a little rewriting, I think you'll have all those questions the minions asked cleared up. Best of luck. If you post the query on your blog, I will be sure to stop by and give feedback.

EE said:
[For she is a former mechanic and has a brand new set of spark plugs.] Funny stuff!

Crimogenic said...

p.s. I submitted to EE to, should be interesting to see the feedback I get but I know my query has problems. :)

Rick Daley said...

Even if the comments are laced with biting sarcasm, and born partially out of a need to be funny and not strictly constructive criticism, there is much to be learned.

Anita commented that at least it got people to share their thoughts. There's nothing worse then total silence when you try to publicize something, in any form.

If you go to EE's main site ( there is a link on the left to see the Queries Waiting. I'll keep an eye out for Just Cause. I may even submit a fake plot...

Crimogenic said...

I'm on the wait list on EE's blog for queries. I'm going to be cooked, seared, and eaten. COOL :)

Rick Daley said...

"I'm going to be cooked, seared, and eaten."

That totally reminds me of the end scene in Hannibal where Ray Liotta gets a piece of his own mind ;-)

Just put on a Teflon suit before you click to read it, once it is posted.